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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sigma Update: 18K Gold Extravaganza Face Kit

Hello, friends! I'm back with another update from Sigma. Sigma Beauty has just released two brush kits which feature brushes with 18-karat gold-plated ferrules. Yes, you read that right - 18K gold!

The Extravaganza Collection comes in two kits - the Face Kit and the Complete Kit. The Face Kit contains an assortment of four one-of-a-kind brushes, while the Complete Kit contains 29 of Sigma's bestselling brushes. Each kit also comes in a book-style brush holder, making it perfect for travelling!

Extravaganza Face Kit - Price: $210.
Extravaganza Face Kit
Official launch date: December 12, 2011

Extravaganza Complete kit - Price: $510
Extravaganza Complete Kit
Official launch date: December 19, 2011

These are pricier than the other collections, of course, because of the gold-plated ferrules. But I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that these brushes spell elegance and luxury!

The brushes included in these kits are the following.

Extravaganza Face Kit:
  • Fan brush - F90 - Sculpts and highlights cheeks and face. The unique shape is perfect for application of powder products onto cheeks and for polishing foundation for a flawless finish. Natural bristles.
  • Blush brush - F92 - Perfect for application of powder blush. Also ideal for shading and highlighting cheeks and face. Natural bristles.
  • Kabuki brush - F94 - Dense and rounded, this brush effortlessly blends, buffs and polishes product on the face and neck. Natural bristles.
  • Powder brush - F95 - Dense and tapered, this brush is perfect for applying powder products to the face, neck and d├ęcolletage. Natural bristles.

Extravaganza Complete Kit:
  • Eye Liner brush - E05 - Creates a precise, firm and even stroke to line the eyes. Synthetic bristles.
  • Small Eye Liner brush - E10 - Delivers a small and defined line along the lash line. The length and density of the bristles are ideal for creating artistic designs. Synthetic bristles.
  • Flat Definer brush - E15 - Ideal to line the eyes for instant definition. Can be used for powder, liquid or cream products. Synthetic bristles.
  • Short Shader brush - E20 - Perfect for precise application of colors on the lid and smudging along the lash line. Natural bristles.
  • Blending brush - E25 - Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow on the crease and blend harsh lines. Natural bristles.
  • Pencil brush - E30 - For precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line. Natural bristles.
  • Tapered Blending brush - E35 - Ideally used to apply and blend color to the crease area and to soften harsh edges. Natural bristles.
  • Tapered Blending brush - E40 - Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.
  • Small Tapered Blending brush - E45 - This versatile brush can be used to precisely apply and blend intense colors on the crease area. Natural bristles.
  • Large Fluff brush - E50 - Ideal for applying and blending eye shadow on the lids and for highlighting the cheek bone. Natural bristles.
  • Eye Shading brush - E55 - Evenly applies pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments on the lid. Natural bristles.
  • Large Shader brush - E60 - Creates a smooth application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers. Natural bristles.
  • Small Angle brush - E65 - Essential for the application of gel or cream eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. Also ideal for filling in the brows. Synthetic bristles.
  • Medium Angled Shading brush - E70 - Applies highlighter on the brow bone and on the inner corners of eye. Natural bristles.
  • Small Contour brush - F05 - Ideal to apply and blend contour shades on the cheeks. Natural bristles.
  • Powder/Blush brush - F10 - Delivers a precise application of blush and powder products. Natural bristles.
  • Duo Fibre Powder/Blush brush - F15 - Evenly applies highly pigmented and mineralized powders such as blush or highlighter. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.
  • Large Powder brush - F20 - Provides a precise application of powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.
  • Tapered Face brush - F25 - Essential for applying and blending face powder, blush and highlighter. Natural bristles.
  • Large Powder brush - F30 - Perfect for flawless, even blending of powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.
  • Tapered Highlighter brush - F35 - Perfect for application of highlight and contour powder to the cheekbone. Natural bristles.
  • Large Angled Contour brush - F40 - Best for application of blush, bronzer and contouring powder. Natural bristles.
  • Duo Fibre brush - F50 - Specially designed to generate an airbrushed finish when used to apply liquid foundation, blush and highlighter. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.
  • Small Duo Fibre brush - F55 - Made for lightweight application and blending of liquid, cream or powder products. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.
  • Foundation brush - F60 - Perfect to apply liquid or cream foundation. Can also be used to conceal large areas. Synthetic bristles.
  • Large Concealer brush - F65 - Designed for application of cream and liquid-based products to large areas of the face. Synthetic bristles.
  • Concealer brush - F70 - Ideal to conceal small defined areas of the face using cream and liquid products. Synthetic bristles.
  • Concealer brush - F75 - Allows for precise application of cream and liquid products to conceal the under eye area. Synthetic bristles.
  • Lip brush - L05 - Made to deliver precise application of lip products. Synthetic bristles.

The complete kit is a HUGE brush kit! Complete, indeed!

Soooo, what do you think of these kits? I want! Even just the face kit! Hey, I can dream, can't I? ;P

If you are interested in buying these brushes, please use my affiliate link: You get a freebie with a purchase worth $30 or more!!! :)

Or you can just click the links below and shop away! I'd really appreciate it! :D
Have fun shopping! :D

Note: All brush photos taken from Sigma's website.


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