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Monday, January 23, 2012

NOTD: Summery Winter

The fact that there's no winter here in the Philippines didn't stop me from bringing winter to my nails. Someone send me some snow, please.

Here's my very frosty nail design.

This was what I had on my nails during New Year's day, by the way. The design's not new year-ish, though.

Nails of the day with Bobbie in Vodka on Ice, Orly in Gigababe, Caronia in Crystal, and Wish glitter top coat.

I didn't want it to be too simple so I added yellow (very, very, very lightly) on the tips.

Silver base = Winter.
Light yellow tip =  Summer.

Wait, did I even need to explain that? Haha!

Without flash
For the base color, I used a Vodka on Ice from Bobbie. I was originally aiming for a snowflake-themed design so I chose a silver base. For the yellow tips, I used my fave gold polish - Gigababe from Orly. Then I applied a layer of a sheer milky shade - Crystal from Caronia. Finally, I topped everything of with a glitter polish from Wish.

Vodka on Ice... aahhhh, this is definitely one of my favorites from Bobbie!

And Gigababe is my fave gold polish, too :)

I was in love with this design so much, I didn't want to take it off :(

Soooo, what does my nail design remind you of? :)


  1. I love their combinations!! Super love this NOTD, Aya! :D

  2. This is nice Aya. It reminded of the movie Narnia..

  3. oh super nice aya! :D very sweet and subtle :)

  4. Love your NOTD, Aya!! ☺ 


  5. I love Vodka on Ice! But I'm afraid mine dried out already. :( Great NOTD!

  6. Thank you so much, Dawn! I'm glad you like it :D

  7. Thanks, dear! Yeah, it looks a bit magical, doesn't it? Hihi

  8. Aww. I like it so much! :D Thanks, dear :D

  9. pretty color and i love how you "layered" it! :D 

  10. i have the silver but i use it as base for my crack polish. :)

    it looks so cute

  11. hmmm. can't really think of anything that reminds me of those two color combo o_O. but i do love the transition of silver to yellow :)


    Thanks, Debi :D

  13. I love it! I really like how you gradiated it. Looks totally chic. 

    My Makeup Blog | YouTube

  14. Love this Aya! Fave ko ung Vodka on Ice ng bobbie. Matry nga ito! :))

  15. Thanks, Jen! Try mo rin :)))


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