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Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Pampered at Freyja Day and Nail Spa

Who doesn't love getting pampered? Last Friday, I went to a recently-opened spa called Freyja Day and Nail Spa. I was supposed to meet fellow bloggers there too, but most of them couldn't come. Anyway, Freyja Day and Nail Spa is, well, a spa, and they offer services for the nails, hands, feet, and the whole body. They even offer lash perm and extension, and waxing/threading services for both women and men.

From Freyja FB Fan Page
They're currently having a promo - 20% off on all services for the whole month of July. Also, P199 only for a full body massage during weekdays, 1-5 pm. Free back massage with every spa service availed, too :)

Click to enlarge 

The place is very cozy and it's not difficult to relax inside. The music that's being played in the background will help you relax even more, and it reminded me of the soundtrack of the game 3 Stars of Destiny. High five if you know that game!

Comfy chairs! 

The very nice sink :]
Massage room 
Nail polish rack
Whenever I go to nail salons, I always ask what brand of nail polish they use. The owner said that they use Orly, OPI and Misa. More shades will be coming in soon.

And here are the nail art designs that you can choose from.

Orly heaven! 
The staff are really friendly and accomodating. They even gave me something to drink :]

Ms Shirley, the owner, suggested I get the Vana-Goddess Whitening Hand Spa which is one of the services she recommends to everyone for a real pampering treat.

The treatment started off with exfoliation. Ms Ashley (the person who attended to me) started off by scrubbing my arms thoroughly. The scrub she used smelled like melon! Mmmmm! And then she rinsed the scrub off with warm water with Thai salt (I think). Then she applied a sort of lotion with thick consistency all over my arms. She said it was for the whitening part of the treatment. She then wrapped each arm in plastic wrap, then wrapped the whole thing in a towel. She took it after about 10 minutes, wiped my arm with a towel to remove the residue, and then applied a serum with moisturizing properties (if I remember correctly). Then she made me wear this huge (cute) warm glove. 

 It felt as if my hand was in a sauna. Well, I actually haven't been in a sauna before but that's how I imagined it would feel like. Then finally, she massaged my arm with warm stones. 

I was asking her after every step, "Ano 'yung nilagay mo? (What did you just apply?)." I just wanted to know what's being applied on my skin. Hihi. Ok, so I don't actually remember the exact sequence of the treatment but that's basically what was done. My hands felt really soft and smooth after the treatment. As for the whitening effect, of course I wasn't expecting a noticeable change after just one treatment.

After the treatment, she proceeded to cleaning my nails and applying nail polish. I chose these two shades. I opted for yellow nails with green accent.

L: Orly in Lemonade
R: Orly in Green Apple

With flash
Without flash 
She applied a gel top coat instead of the regular top coat. Gel polishes are said to be longer-lasting than regular polishes. Will talk about this and show you more pics on my next NOTD.

Oh, by the way, Mitch of Mitch Wears Clothes was there too, and she was with her friends Des and Rachelle.

Mitch getting sunflowers drawn on her nails
Mitch and I with the (ehem) sink
Me and Mitch with Ms Shirley and her husband 
Me, Mitch and Des with the owner 
If you're near the area, you may want to drop by there while the promos are still going on.

From Freyja Fan Page

Too tired to enumerate the products I used. Later that day, I went and met up with Kai at SM North. Too bad we forgot to take pics. Long but fun day. :]

If you wanna know more about Freyja Day and Nail Spa, visit their Facebook fan page *here.*


  1. I just had my nails pampered yesterday,from the pictures you showed, i could see how relaxing it is there.

  2. I like the color of their couch! But I like your wrap-around shirt more.

  3. How fun! I've only ever been twice but I love getting manicures~

  4. I haven't been to a spa for ages! so jealous!

  5. Seems fun! I don't like getting mani/pedi in a Salon, though. IDK, I always get hurt. IDK why. I prefer doing it on my own. But I still go for a foot spa, but without the pedi. :D

  6. LOVE!! i rarely get to go to the salon.. i think because i'm cheap hahah and just do my own nails.. but i swear everytime i go to the salon it looks SOOOOOOO much better then any time i've ever done my nails!! hahaha.

    i love the colors your chose so pretty and so summery!! love the bright pops of color!

  7. @King, yes! The ambiance is really nice:)

    @Rae, haha! Thanks, I call it my Luke-skywalker top. Reminds of Star Wars for some reason.

    @PopBlush, it's my second spa time! The first one was in a different salon and I had a foot spa. Hihi.

    @Hollie, go and magpapamper na rin! :D

    @Catmare, I'm not too into pedicures in salons too. But manicure... I'm fine with having it done in a salon. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to clean my nails. Haha

    @Lisa, trueee! Thanks, it was hard to choose the colors given the LOTS of shades to choose from. :D

  8. What a lovely looking place. I love the NOTD pic you posted and am looking forward to learning more about gel polishes =))

  9. the place looks cozy..
    hmm, you make me want to go manicure ;)

  10. i like the nail polish shades you chose :)

  11. @Jackie, will post about it soon:)

    @Sarah, haha! It does, indeed. Go get your nails done :D

    @Kumiko, thanks! Twas hard to choose :D

  12. looks so relaxing. :) i wanted to go but wasn't able to because of my schedule. i hope i get to see you soon aya! :)

    the shades you chose are very cheerful! LIKE! =)

  13. A day of pampering??? I could go for that right now.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. @Sugar, awwwww too bad :( Yeah wanna see you toooooo!

  15. @Bonnie, it was fun while it lasted. Haha

  16. love the shades!!
    looks like you had loads of fun :D

  17. love the shades!!
    looks like you had loads of fun :D

  18. A day of pampering??? I could go for that right now.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. Seems fun! I don't like getting mani/pedi in a Salon, though. IDK, I always get hurt. IDK why. I prefer doing it on my own. But I still go for a foot spa, but without the pedi. :D


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