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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOTD: Lime with a Touch of Pink

Heeeeey! I missed posting NOTD's... so here! This was supposed to be a Katy Perry-inspired nail art but I realized I didn't have a nice neon green polish to work with so I decided to tweak my idea a bit. The color theme's still the same, though.

Nails of the day care of Bobbie Vodka on Ice, The Face Shop GR501, and Caronia Posh.

So basically, I used a silver holo polish as base since TFS GR501 is (just a bit) sheer. I applied two coats of Vodka on Ice and then applied GR501 on top to make the lime green color more opaque. And then for a pop of contrast, I drew a flower on each nail using my new dotting tool. 5 pink dots for the petals and one silver dot in the center. I topped that off with my TFS top coat to help make the design last longer.

I'd describe this shade as lime green to chartreuse. I love that it's not just a plain solid color. It kinda has an iridescence to it and my camera just didn't give justice to the awesomeness of this shade.

I hope you like it! I'm planning on sporting Katy Perry-ish nails next week so watch out for that, and by that I mean nail art inspired by Katy Perry's new video (Last Friday Night). I just can't get over that vid! Darren Chris is <3


  1. nice! I wanna do flower design on my nails too :)

  2. super bagaaayy! parang flower icing! i wonder when ako magkaka-patience to do nail art on myself. lol

  3. @Tiffo, thank you! :)))

    @I am certified, go go go! :P

    @Gio, aww thanks dear :]

    @Mitch, hihi thaaaanks!

    @WickeRmoss, Yeah, I wanna eat them! LOL Lately lang din ako nahilig. Usually kasi tamad ako at wala ako masyadong maisip na ideas for designs :/

  4. Aww, such cute nails! The pop of green and pink is adorable.

  5. cute! i love the color combination. ^^

  6. Super cute sis! Love ko yung green! :)

  7. Cute naila..I love the colors! we both used the same brand..faceshop! love it most:)

  8. Serious nail polish envy right now. I adore this look. It is super, super cute!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. I envy you, green doesn't look good on my skin tone. :)

  10. the pink with the lime colored base is really unique! good job :D

  11. you did a great job sis! parang ang saya saya lang tignan ng nails mo! :)

  12. AHHHH AYA SO CUTE!! you know one of my absolute favorite color combo's are green and pink?! i call them watermelon colors you know because that's what a watermelon looks like! hahah i loveee your little pink flower SO CUTE!

  13. ang cute! happiness under the rain...

  14. such an adorable nail design!! love the cute flower <3


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