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Thursday, May 5, 2011

NOTD, OOTD, FOTD: Graduation Day

April 26, 2011 - my most anticipated day of the year. Hahaha. Exagge much? But seriously, I've been waiting for that day for like forever. I know I mentioned my graduation in some of my previous posts *here* and *here* already. So let's get on with this :)

In case you didn't know, I went to college in Los Banos, Laguna, and that's like two to three hours from Quezon City. I couldn't bring all of my makeup with me, of course, so  I chose these items. Y'all know that I'm a fan of the minimalist makeup look so it wasn't hard for me to decide on what "look" I'd wear on my graduation. I just hoped that my makeup wouldn't go crazy on me under the scorching heat. 

All beauty stuff I brought with me

I did my nails the day before I went to LB so I didn't have to bring nail stuff with me. I was so in love with my sparkly blue gradient nails that I decided to wear gradient nails again ;P And then I ended up with this.

Click *here* to read the complete post on this NOTD.


Toga. LOL, just kidding. I mean, I did wear a toga but of course I was wearing something under it! I wore a really simple brown dress and black pumps with dotted detailing (Mario D' boro).

Click *here* to read the complete post about my dress and shoes.


For the face, I used:
Careline Oil Control Liquid Makeup in Oriental
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental

For the eyes, I used:
Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Trio in Egyptian Sands (my fave if you've noticed) - browbone and eyelid colors

For the cheeks, I used:
Aziza Blush Duo in Tropical - the darker shade

For the lips, I used:
Chap-Ice Lip Balm
Careline Lipgloss in 09

When my mom arrived she told me to put on more blush. At first I didn't want to because I wanted to look as natural as possible, but I gave in. Glad I did! The blush surprisingly lasted until the end of the ceremony. Cooool.

After 1 hr 
After 7 hours 
Oily already but there's still a hint of blush
I just powder-and-lippy-retouched from time to time.


I did nothing special to my hair. Just a half ponytail then braided the tail. I let my long side bangs loose, too.

That's it for my graduation OTD's, I think. For more pictures, check out my Facebook album *here.*


  1. congrats aya! BS Bio'03 here, UPLB too, yay! =)

  2. big congratulations to you dear!!! xoxo :)

  3. congratulations!with your post I remembered my graduation a few years back...

  4. Congrats dear! I love the makeup that you did, suits you and so fresh!:)

  5. congrats dear! I like the bracelet! hehehe
    Like the makeup too...very minimal... :)

  6. @Rosey, thanks! Coooool!

    @FashionEggplant, thank you Sarah :D

    @Ahne, thanks! :)

    @Tiff, thank you. Just kept it soft. I didn't wanna be too made-up :)

    @Debi, I like it too! It sorta has this pixie-fairy touch to it. Haha

  7. COngrats Aya! :)) U look pretty on your graduation. :D

  8. @Tara and Yen, thanks dears! :D

  9. congrats aya!!! ^_^ i will be graduating too next week and i haven't prepared anything. ROTFL! =)) i haven't even bought a dress or anything like that.

  10. Congrats!! :) Your lip color is gorgeous!!

  11. @Sugar, thanks! LOL and congrats too! Post an FOTD too :)

    @Sweet, thank you! :D

    @Rainy Days and Lattes, thanks! I liked how it turned out :)

  12. Congrats girl!! Love your bright lip color!

    I love love love your pretty sparkly gradient nails!!

  13. congrats for the nth time aya! and you look flawlessly beautiful even after how many hours! great job :D

  14. Congrats!! You looked gorgeous on your graduation day :D

  15. @Lisa, thank you very much :D

    @Hazel, and thanks for the nth time! Super kapal na ng foundation kaya ganyan. Haha

    @PopBlush, thanks dear!!! :)

  16. Congrats! You look gorgeous!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!! Love the nails and makeup!

  18. Congrats sis! Love your natural make up look. Job Hunting time! hehe

  19. congrats! love your nails! :D

  20. Hey Aya!:)

    I tagged you and gave you an award! Check this post to see!<3

  21. @Ava, thanks dear! :)

    @MissKatv, thank you! It's kinda a spur-of-the-moment design. Haha

    @Tiffie, thanks! Checking now :)

  22. Hello Aya, congratulations dear ... you're beautiful!
    pink kisses

  23. Congrats on such an important achievement! I You looked great overall :)


  25. @Luiz, thank you very much!!! <3

    @Che, thanks dear :D

    @Geishcharles, haha thank youuuuu :)

  26. Congrats Aya! I love your makeup. I love simple and neutral makeup :)

  27. This post reminds me of my graduation a few years ago (at UPLB too!). I was also hoping for my makeup to not "go crazy on me under the scorching heat." hehe

    Congrats Aya! =)

  28. @Ayen, cool you're from LB din! Thank you :D


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