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Sunday, April 17, 2011


My dogs are feelin' the heat now, too :)

Misha loves to sunbathe...

...while Moshi... not so much!

Here's another pic of Misha's [private] sunbathing moment.

Have a nice summer, guys! :D


  1. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  2. our lady dog does the same... lol

  3. wow. misha sure likes to expose herself lol!

  4. @FashionEggplant, thanks Sarah :)

    @Mitch, HAHAHA! Thanks (from Misha and Moshi)!

    @Nadine, my dogs say thank you. LOL

    @Mary, thank you! Followed your blog :)

    @Debi, lol. They're so cute when they do that :D

    @Donna, YEAH! She sure does! She likes the exposure. Haha

    @Gaby, thank you ^^,

  5. Haha so cute! My mochi ball likes to sunbathe too, my sis had to cut her hair down since it's so hot.


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