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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Haul: Mini Haul and Free Stuff!

Went shopping with my friend last weekend. I was actually looking for some things but they were all out of stock. So I ended up with these.

Marionnaud Slanted Eyeline and Eyebrows Double Side Brush (N' 38) - P 59.75
Etude House Orgel Light Eyeliner Brush - P 178.00
Etude House French Manicure Tip Guide - P 28.00
Purederm Nose Pore Strips - P 79.75 (for 3 strips)

Tryin' out these well-raved Purederm nose pore strips. 

My friend also gave me some goodies. Who doesn't like free stuff, right? ;]

Free stuff from Cream Puff
Oh, he also gave me a *ehem* wallet :) Thanks, Cream Puff!


  1. french manicure tip guide sounds so useful for a newbie like me lol! have you tried the flawless white line ng ponds? i've heard great things about it :) & hooray sa freebies whoooo! :D

  2. nice haul :) that nose pore strips are definitely effective

  3. @Donna, yeah it does, right? That's why I bought it. Hahaha And re: flawless white, me too! But I haven't tried it out yet :\

    @Nadine, thanks! Yeah they really are. I've tried one and I'm lovin' so far. :D

  4. Yay! You have lots of things to try. The pink vaseline lotion looks so cute!

  5. I saw that french manicure tip guide on my last visit to etude, but I didn't get it coz, I dont' grow my nails enough for a french manicure anyway. I'm currently using that Vaseline Healthy white with SPF24 lotion too...

  6. @Rainy Days and Lattes, yeah :D So far I'm lovin everything. Haha!

    @Hollie, I'm planning to use it for nail art. Hehehe I'm almost done with my current lotion. This Vaseline one is next. :)

  7. french manicure guide, how cute...but the thing is I don't put nail polish...gets ruined by house work ehehe...nose strips looks great...I wanna buy din.

  8. I have the Etude Eyeliner brush and I love it!

  9. @Debi, buy some! They're really effective. The most effective among all those I've tried :D

    @PopBlush, I am lovin it too! Now I wanna go back and get some more Etude brushes :D

  10. i need those nose pore strips! hahaha and yay for free stuff ;D

  11. nice haul! :D i also have the Marionnaud Slanted Eyeline and Eyebrows Double Side Brush .. its really cheap noh? and oh Purederm nose pore strips! its really effective! :))

  12. @Hazel, YAY. And you should try the pose strips. Purederm's pore strips are really effective :D

    @Beauty addict, yah super cheap for the quality you get! Love it :) And yeah, I've tried one already. Effective nga! I remember reading your review of the pore strips :D

  13. Paano kaya stinstore ang double sided brush? :)))

  14. I'm looking for the double sided Marionnaud brush! Pero parang ayaw ko yung spooly end. Sana angled brush nalang. Can you do a review on the Etude House brush? :)

  15. @Michelle, oo nga eh. Yan din ang iniisip ko.

    @Elaine, ok ok I will. I am loving that brush so far. And I actually bought the Marionnaud brush for the angled brush side. Didn't mind the spooly very much. Hehe

  16. ooohhh nice haul.
    i have been to etude house, but i didnt buy anything with cute packaging! how come they are so expensive?

    i already posted your tag for me. thanks again :)

  17. this is the nth post i've read about beauty products. it's not bad!! it's just that i think the universe is trying to tell me that i need to restock my vanity case! haha! great buys!!

  18. Cute blog and great haul! :) What's in that little Olay jar?

  19. @Reina, yeah :\ I actually find the eyeliner brush expensive (esp when you compare it to the marionnaud one). But I loooove it! :D Oh, I've just read your tag too :D

    @Sam, hahaha! Thank you! :D

    @Susalie, thank you. Oh and that's the healthy fairness night cream :) Hehe

  20. Great haul!! lovely stuff <3
    Nice blog honey...check out mine:D

  21. paano nagwowork yung french tip guide?

  22. @Rakhshanda, thank you! Checking out your blog now :)

    @Glowie, iddikit mo yung guide just below the tip of your nail. Then paint the tip with color of choice. The guide sort of acts as stencil para clean ung French tip :)

  23. @Aya
    Hi Aya :D Thanks for commenting:D I'm continuing on my blog only so no need for
    Plz follow my blog :D

  24. Nice haul. I can use a really good pore strip :)

  25. Sweet haul!

  26. @Rakhshanda, done :D

    @Becky, thanks! I'm really happy with these pore strips :)

    @T, thank you! :)


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