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Belle de Jour Planner Giveaway (Part 3)*

Every week this month, I'll be giving away a Belle de Jour planner package! There will be two (2) winners this week. To join, follow my page on Facebook *here* and comment on the giveaway photo! Full mechanics are on there. Special thanks to Belle de Jour for the prizes!

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*This giveaway is open only to Philippine residents. Winners will be chosen and contacted by me through email/social media for their delivery details. Make sure the accounts you use to enter are accounts you check regularly!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giveaways You Might Be Interested In

Hey guys! For the past weeks I have been into joining blog giveaways. I mean, who says no to free stuff?! So if you want to check out some giveaways for you to join, just check out the list that I posted on the sidebar. Or you can just click here. I will be updating the list regularly to keep you posted. Go check them out now. Who knows, you might just win some goodies! :D

Ooooh I hope I get picked (crossing fingers)!


  1. goodluck dear! for some reasons, i've been lucky with giveaways! haha in a span of 2 months, i won myself 3 blog giveaways :P

  2. @Hazel, wooow lucky you!!! Haha iwannawintoooo! :DDD

  3. Ahh I'm not usually lucky with giveaways,but I'll keep on taking part until I win at least one!Haha,thanks for sharing these!!

  4. @Rania, you're welcome! I too don't do well with giveaways and raffles. But it doesn't hurt to join so... :D Good luck! :D

  5. Hii, i'm here to retribute your visit at my blog - 2betrend.
    I loved yours too, and i'm already following you.

    Kisses Má

  6. Good luck! :) I get lazy when joining giveaways. Especially when you have to blog about it. LOL

  7. @Michelle, thanks! Haha I hope I win at least one giveaway. I've never won a giveaway ever. O_O

  8. i'm so tempted but i never win anything. think positive! :)

  9. @FashionEggplant, right! :D


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