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Friday, December 24, 2010

My Pink GCash Card

At last! The GCash Card I ordered two weeks ago finally came in the mail, just in time for my Christmas shopping. For more info about GCash cards, click here. One of the things I like about GCash cards is that they are customizable. I only picked a "simple" design, though. And I chose a pink one, of course!

Excuse my chipped nail polish ^^,

With this card, I will now be able to withdraw my GCash without having to go to any GCash partner anymore. It's just like any other bank/cash cards but instead of going to the bank to deposit your cash, you just have to cash-in through a GCash partner (less hassle, IMO). Also, no maintainance fee. Yay for me 'coz I suck at maintaining balance on my card/s! LOL! 

BTW, they sent me two cards when I only paid for one. Go spot the difference after the jump :)

Transaction fees:
20 Php for withdrawals
3 Php for balance inquiries


  1. I chose the same design for my G-Cash card. It looks so pretty! Now I can't wait to receive mine. :P

  2. @PammyYes, it does look pretty (coz it's pink)! HAHAHA. Mine was delivered right on time... well, 13 days after I ordered it, to be exact. :)

  3. Wow :) You have a GCash card :) I also have one and I personally designed it ^_^

  4. how to avail this.?


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